Love and Restoration with purpose

Well, after 4 years here it is. An actual shopping website lol. I seem to have been left in the dust as far as technology goes. I have no idea when that happened. My mom and I started this adventure 4 years ago after I became a school nurse. My father in law is an AMAZING woodworker (on the side), so I was able to custom build all of my furniture **LUCKY**. Since they were custom pieces, they were also natural wood. Someone had to paint them!! This is when i discovered that I LOVED to paint furniture, and that i actually wasn't that bad at it!! Everyone kept telling me that I needed to start posting my pieces. I had a baby and a full time job so I just wasn't sure I could manage all of this. My first summer off with my new job as a school nurse while my baby napped, I decided to try. I could not believe how quickly it exploded!! Between people asking me to re-do their pieces, to the infamous shutter shelves. Now 4 years later, here we are, just 2 women with full time jobs, me with a 5 year old and a very understanding husband, and full head of ideas to follow this crazy dream of mine! I am not going to lie, sometimes it is not easy and I feel like I could just throw in the towel. I could go back to a "normal" life with my family, but then....I remember how much my customers mean to me and how much I feel like I mean to them, and that keeps me going!! As long as I am able, I am sticking around ;)